The course

The National Lifeguard Surf Option offered by SN Hawaii’s team is certified by the Lifesaving Society and recognized by the International Life Saving Federation (ILSF). The standards of the course are determined by the Lifesaving Society ( We offer a placement service at no cost if you want to find a job as an ocean lifeguard. We have excellent contacts, among others, on the east coast of the U.S., New-Brunswick, …

Everything you will learn during the course will help you as an everyday lifeguard and for your whole life in addition to be more comfortable in the ocean and playing with the waves. You will be challenged both physically and psychologically by facing different situations. You will also gain confidence in you potential and your abilities. You will learn how to promptly react to different emergency situations by recognizing the priorities while you’re perfecting your techniques. Finally, you will learn how to recognize all the potential dangers and risks related to the ocean front beach.

You will put into actions your qualities as an actual lifeguard and you will gain more knowledge in resuscitation, lifesaving and first aid.

You will overcome obstacles, beat them, and you will feel that you accomplished great things. Have the courage to face the waves, lose sight of shore and face your fears. Come and have the experience of your life!

Following the initial training during labor weekend covering theory, candidates in Hawaii learn the latest techniques and lifesaving skills used on beaches. The certification is valid throughout the Commonwealth and is recognized worldwide as a high-level training in ocean lifesaving.

A typical day of the course begins with a workout on Mokuleai beach, located just in front of where we’re staying. This training allows everyone to start the day on the right foot.

Following this training, breakfast awaits us on the covered patio of the camp. This meal is your energy to begin the day. We visit different beaches to allow you to discover a new corner of paradise each day of the course. We visit beaches such as: Makapu’u Beach, Mokuleai Beach, Haleiwa Beach Park and more. The days are filled with dynamic activities and surprises!

After dinner, you have the freedom to stay for the night or to go out. No curfew is imposed. However, it’s true that most candidates are in bed early.

Watch the following video to see the course in pictures to see what it’s like to spend a day as an ocean lifeguard.